Word of the Day: FAITH

Today my word of the day is Faith! The last 24 hours have really tested my faith. I have stood strong in my faith even when difficulties arose. I knew that I would be going to Haiti and only my faith in God made it happen. Here is what happened in the last 24 hrs.

Met you guys at the airport with no passport :-( My faith was renewed when Derek and Claudia told me to get a new passport and come tomorrow. From the time I left you guys at the airport I began to talk with the airlines and passport agency. Hurdles began when the airlines deleted my ticket because I did not cancel my flight before the plane left. I wasn't allowed to talk with the airlines because a travel agent booked our tickets. I was given a number to call for the agency. After calling them I find out that actually another agency has booked our flights. By the time I found Cheryl the travel agent (from Hilton Head, SC) I had to leave a message. I was frustrated but I continued to have faith. She called me back and began to work hard to reinstate my ticket because of my situation but didn't want to book my ticket until I had my new passport in my hands. I had an appointment at the passport agency in MPLS at 12noon. I waited 1/2 an hour and handed all my paperwork to the agent. Then the agent said that I couldn't use the same passport photo as my last one. He then sent me 6 blocks to the government building to get a passport photo where I waited in line for a 1/2 hour for my photo. Then ran back to the passport office to drop it off so I could get the passport done today. I was told to return between 2:30 and 3pm to pick it up. By 3pm I had my new passport in my hands and praised God. I then called Cheryl the travel agent to book the flight. She said it may take a few hours but she would get it scheduled and would call me with the ticket change fee (around $150). I arrived back at home in Hugo and then received a panicked call from Cheryl saying that the airlines would not reinstate my ticket. She tried everything. A new ticket would cost $1085. She said I had to go to the airport immediately and talk with an agent and nicely plead my case and see if they would reinstate my original ticket. Hurry she said as the seats are filling quickly. Mike another travel agent from MN was willing to help out and find other flight options but nothing was working out. So at 5pm my husband drove me to the airport and I kept my faith in God that somehow I would get to Haiti. I walked up to the American airlines counter with not one person in sight. I ask the woman at the counter if I could get on the Haiti flight tomorrow morning to join my Healing Haiti team. Her and another associate typed and made phone calls for the next 3 minutes. She told the woman on the phone that I was with Healing Haiti and they fly with American airlines all the time. She hung up the phone and looked at me with a smile. "OK, I have you on the 6:25am flight tomorrow morning!" No fees, no nothing! Just a smile and both associates wishing me a wonderful trip. "We love Healing Haiti," they said! My heart sank and I wanted to cry but all I could do is smile and think GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!

Check out my daily email bible verse today.

For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! ~ 2 Corinthians 4:17

See you tomorrow!